Taking part in a pageant could be an expensive venture from entry fees to the price of your evening gown. The cost of competing in pageants may leave you stressed, preventing you 

Taking part in a pageant could be an expensive venture from entry fees to the price of your evening gown. The cost of competing in pageants may leave you stressed, preventing you from enjoying the great experience. Pageant sponsorship can be the fastest way to finance your run for the crown.  Through creative thinking and some hard work, you can make the process of funding a breeze.
Here are some easy suggestions on how to kick start your fundraising efforts! 


1.Family, Friends and colleagues


This should always be the first place to seek sponsorship for your pageant. These are people that are somewhat close to you and will be excited to see you succeed. Little donations from each one of them will go a long way.




2.Casual day or Jeans Day


Ask your school or employer to be your pageant sponsor. You could propose a casual or jeans day where colleagues could come dressed in their casuals for a small donation such  as £2 per person. 




3.Barter agreements with local businesses  that you already patronize


Approach local business that you frequent such s your hairdresser, nail studio, gym, dress maker, spa etc.  You can offer them some form of promotion in exchange for a tiny donation. 


a)This could be tickets to the event (each sponsor for Miss Africa GB gets 2).


b) Promotion on your social networks (In addition to Miss Africa GB’s website).


c) You could offer to distribute their business cards. They also get the opportunity to insert their business card into the Goody Bags given to guests at the Grand Final.




4.Approach small businesses in person



You may walk in or call ahead to book an appointment with the owner. Be sure to dress professionally and looking your best. If they do not see you as a possible winner, they are less likely to want to invest in you.  

You could also email but the personal approach has proven to be a lot more effective.




5.The Internet


You can set up a fundraising page on etc and ask for support from your online friends by sharing the link to your donation page. For this to be effective, you must explain clearly why winning the pageant is important to you. Talk about your goals and objectives. Little donations will eventually add up.




6.Have a Garage Sale or car Boot Sale


Get item donations from friends and family and organise a garage sale or car boot sale. You could also source items from your own garage and sheds. You would be surprised at what people are willing to buy.




7.Offer a Mobile Carwash Service for family and friends


Offer to visit them and wash their cars for a donation towards your pageant. They are more likely to part with their cash when they are getting some kind of service in return.




8.Invest in Yourself - Sponsor yourself


If you can afford it, why not invest in yourself by sponsoring yourself to achieve your dream of competing in a Beauty Pageant and even winning?  If you have great ambitions, it could be worth investing in yourself to make these dreams a reality. If we really want something, we would persist until we achieve it. 


Employing these methods will not only help to raise your sponsorship fees, but also help build grow social network ,supporters as well as help to raise extra cash to use towards preparing for the Grand Finale. Do not wait till the deadline approaches before you start your fundraising efforts as every single day counts.

Learning to raise funds is an essential skill required of a Beauty Queen and will be useful to you during your reign.



Dele Onabowu

Founder Miss Africa GB

BSc (A.Economics), BSc(Business Economics), MSc (Software Eng), OCP.

Last modified on Monday, 15 January 2018 22:00